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TintMaker/Automotive After-Market 8-Window Controller



The TintMaker Automotive After-Market 8-Window Controller is used to control  up to 8 panes of SPD Glass to specific levels of window transparency in an automotive after-market environment.  The TintMaker can control up to 8 SPD windows independently.  The controller accepts control inputs for each window.  The inputs can be any type of passive control devices such as switches or potentiometers or via the controllers serial port from an external computer.



  Telephone    631-866-6063

Skype: Text & Voice  

1.  Email support@spdControlSystems.com requesting Skype Chat or Telephone session.  Wait for a reply.

 2.   Skype Address:  SCSC.support


  Web Page

TintMaker Auto Controller Web Page



TintMaker Auto Controller User Guide


TintMake Auto Controller Brochure


When contacting SCSC support please provide the following information,

  • Your name, company, Email address and phone number.  If you have a Skype address please include it.

  • The serial number of the controller you are testing.  (The serial number is on the top of the unit.)

  • Describe your test setup: number of windows connected, approx. size of each window, switches and port connections, power source, test environment and anything else about your environment you may think may be useful.

  • Describe the problem. Is it repeatable?  Is there a direct cause of the problem?  Has the controller worked previously without this problem occurring? 












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