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Aftermarket Controllers

Automotive, Aerospace and Marine



The SPD dynamic glass aftermarket companies replace windows in autos, airplanes and yachts for the general public and commercial fleets. The TintMaker/Aftermarket series provides controllers for the following industries,


  • Automotive

  • Aerospace

  • Marine


SCSC Intelligent Automotive Aftermarket Controllers are initially targeted for the automotive industry and can be easily adapted for avionic and marine environment for the control of SPD Smart Glass window glass or plastic. This flexible, highly configurable, customizable, feature rich series of electronic controllers bring SPD windows to life and easily integrate with on-board control systems. Allows for the control of single or multiple smart windows by several different methods:


  • Manual dimmer or slider controls

  • Automatic control from on-board systems

  • Self regulated control via sensors



Automotive Controller Brochure


Automotive Controller Demo (Video)




Automotive Controller Demo Setup at the RFI 20008 Annual Meeting





  • 1-window     (future version)
  • 8-windows 




  • Small footprint circuit board controller / control module
  • Interfaces to standard automotive control systems
  • Manual control via dimmers, touch panels, preset light switches and other accessories
  • Automatic control via photocell light sensor
  • Automatic mode for seasonal and time of day settings
  • Battery backup for power fail operations (optional)
  • Customizable for a wide-range of special projects
  • Configurable setting for SPD state when vehicle is turned off
  • Support for a wide range of switches including solid state slide switches


Automotive Controller Connectivity















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