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Delivering Suspended Particle Device (SPD) Control Systems for Optimum Energy Efficiency since 2005


People and businesses throughout the world are discovering a new type of window glass. Suspended Particle Device (SPD) windows can instantaneously be adjusted to “tune” the amount of light, glare and heat passing through the windows.  The SPD Smart Window markets include automotive, architectural, marine and aerospace.  SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) provides control systems to operate SPD Smart Windows using our patented technology.


The SPD technology has significant benefits over fixed tinted windows and preceding glass tinting technologies such as its unparalleled ability to rapidly and precisely change to any desired transparency level (clear through dark) within 1 to 3 seconds regardless of the window size, its ability to be used in polycarbonate or glass windows, its ability to be applied to curved surfaces, its wide range of operating temperatures, its uniformity of change, its 94% blocking of solar heat, its clear haze-less windows,  and its lower cost to manufacture.


SPD Smart Glass provides a potential of savings of more than 25% of the electrical usage of residential homes and office buildings through dynamic control of solar heat through windows.  The result is a dramatic reduction in HVAC energy usage.  With the maximum use of daylight to reduce artificial lighting there is a further reduction of electrical consumption that increases the overall energy savings beyond 25%. 


SPD Control Systems Corporation is a Cleantech company that creates intelligent electronic controllers and energy management systems that drive this Smart Glass to achieve its optimal energy saving performance. Our vehicle-based controllers allows this Smart Glass used in cars, trucks, buses, airplanes, trains, and boats to reduce AC requirements thereby decreasing fuel consumption or conserving battery life in electric vehicles.


SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) provides building and automotive control systems that optimize energy efficiency.  Our systems are flexible platforms easily customized to customer requirements for controlling building and automotive systems with energy efficiency as a primary goal. 


Our TintMaker Automotive Controllers provides an unprecedented level of sophistication for driving Smart Glass windows and taking input from vehicles subsystems to control the tint level of the windows. TintMaker optimizes glass tinting to reduce heating and air-conditioning requirements, and thus fuel consumption and its carbon footprint.  


Our Building Energy Management Control System, using wireless technology, enable all of the windows in a residence or commercial building to have “building intelligence.”  This will optimize energy utilization of buildings, improve occupant comfort and productivity, enhance aesthetics, and support sustainable building design.  The building's windows are controlled manually and automatically.  Automatic mode allows for presets, sensor and advanced algorithm control. Presets provide the times in the day when tint settings change to a designated value. Light and occupancy sensors automatically control the tint levels based on sensor detected events. Advanced solar heat gain algorithms are targeted at reducing the energy usage of a building.


Our patent for SPD controllers covers the automotive, aerospace, marine and architectural markets. 




Imagine the day when a fifty story mid-rise will change its glass “skin” façade as the day progresses, taking into account the landlord’s operational requirements, tenant customization, the temperature outdoors, and the amount of sunlight hitting each window – Welcome to the world of windows controlled by SCSC.”

 Jay Moskowitz, Founder


 "SCSC is a proud Research Frontier (RFI) licensee for SPD electronics.  Our mission is to be THE electronics' partner for our fellow licensees."  

John Petraglia, CEO


Recent News


January 29, 2021

SPD Control Systems filed for dissolution after the transfer of its entire patent portfolio. Officers of the company continue to provide consulting on everything SPD including the creation of electronic controls. Refer to the contact information on this page.


April 10, 2019

Patents in Germany, France and the UK issued


January 24, 2019

Patent in Spain issued


December 20, 2018

Patent in Italy issued


October 1, 2018

SCSC aligned to have 5 new patents issued in Europe


February 18, 2018

SCSC granted European Patent


May 23, 2017

SCSC awarded US Patent 9,658,509 for SPD networks

    > Press Release

    > All Patents


Jun. 10, 2016

SCSC Lab demo of Amazon Alexa controlling SPD windows via voice commands

    > Four Videos


Jan. 29, 2016

SPD Window Shade Patent Granted

Multi-Nodal SPD Controller Networking

    >  Press Release

    >  Article


Dec. 16, 2014

Smart Glass Market - Global Trend & Forecast to 2020

    > Announcement


July 30, 2014

SCSC granted 4th US Patent

    >  Patent


March 19, 2014

Jay Moskowitz Award & 4th US Patent

    > Newsletter


March 4, 2014

Mercedes S-Class Coupe Offering the MAGIC SKY CONTROL Panoramic Roof With SPD-SmartGlass Makes Its World Premiere at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show

    > Announcement


January 18, 2014

Mercedes-Benz unveiled an expensive minivan Viano Vision Diamond

     > Announcement


January 13, 2014

Mercedes-Benz S600 Offering Research Frontiers’ SPD-Smart Technology Debuted Today at the Detroit Auto Show

     > RFI Announcement


August 8, 2013

World’s Best Selling Luxury Sedan, The Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Will Offer Research Frontiers’ SPD-SmartGlass Technology

     > RFI Announcement

     > Panoramic Roof

     > RFI Video

     > 2013 Frankfurt Auto

     > Video


December 1, 2012

Global Smart Glass & Smart Windows Market Worth $3.83 Billion By 2017

     > Article


December 1, 2012

SCSC Newsletter - Oct 2012

- Japan Patent Awarded

- Next Generation TintMaker

- Electronic Shades

- Distributed OEM Controller

- and more
     > Newsletter


October 9, 2012

SCSC Granted Japanese Patent

The Japan Patent Office has granted our 1st Japanese patent: SPD control Apparatus with Scalable Networking Capabilities for Window and Multimedia Applications. SCSC now has 4 granted and 3 pending patents for the US, Europe (EU) and Japan.
     > SCSC Patents


Setpember 14, 2012

BMW Concept Active Tourer with SPD-SmartGlass    
RFI Announcement

    > Autoblog Article
    > BMW Press Release
    > Video (Long)
   > Video


January 23, 2012

SCSC Awarded 2nd NYSERDA Contract
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) award is for performing a marketing analysis for our SPD Building Energy Management Control System (BEMCS).
      > See BEMCS Description


January 12, 20122

SCSC Newsletter - Jan. 2012
 - 2nd & 3rd Patents Granted
SL Roadster Announced
 - Next Generation TintMaker
      > Newsletter


January 9, 2012

SCSC Licensee Meredes-Benz Announces the SL Roadster  
The second production auto to offer MAGIC SKY CONTROL with SPD-Smart Technology.
     > RFI Announcement


January 5, 2012

SCSC Increase its Patent Portfolio.  The USPTO has granted our 2nd and 3rd patents. SCSC now has 3 granted and 4 pending patents for the US, Europe (EU) and Japan.
     > SCSC Patents


September 14, 20111

Audi Premieres A2 Concept Car With Research Frontiers' SPD-SmartGlass Technology at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show
     > RFI Announcement

September 13, 2011

Mercedes-Benz Unveils Viano Vision Pearl Luxury Van Using SPD-SmartGlass Technology at 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show
     > RFI Announcement


May 23, 2011

"Germany’s Most Beautiful Car" Is The Mercedes-Benz SLK Featuring MAGIC SKY CONTROL Using SPD-Smart Technology From Research Frontiers

     > RFI Update

     > Daimler News Release

     > Daimler Sales Report 


March 22, 2011

SCSC Newsletter - March 2011

EE Times ACE Finalist; NBC's Today Show; NASDAQ Ceremony

     > Newsletter

     > Julius at EE Awards


March 17, 2011

SCSC Finalist in 2011 EE Times ACE Award for Energy Technology

 > More

 > EE Times Announcement


February 16, 2011

SCSC at the RFI NASDAQ Closing Bell Ceremony Honoring Daimler selecting SPD-SmartGlass technology for Mercedes-Benz' New MAGIC SKY CONTROL Panoramic Glass Roof

> Picture - J. Petraglia

> RFI Press Release

> Ceremony Video


February 8, 2011

SCSC Licenses its Automotive Intellectual Property

> News Release

> SLK Magic Sky Control

> YouTube Videos


February 7, 2011

Research Frontiers Provides Technology for Mercedes-Benz' New Magic Sky Control SPD-SmartGlass Roof

Mercedes-Benz SLK debuting in early 2011 will be the first large-scale series production vehicle to offer SPD-SmartGlass

> RFI Press Release

> Videos

> Photos

> Daimler AG overview of  MAGIC SKY CONTROL

> Daimler AG description of MAGIC SKY CONTROL, including endurance testing

> Daimler AG overview of the New Mercedes-Benz 2012 SLK Roadster




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