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Building Energy Management Control System (BEMCS)



Our Building Energy Management Control System (BEMCS), using wireless technology, enables all of the windows in a residence or commercial building to have "building intelligence."  This will optimize energy utilization of buildings, improve occupant comfort and productivity, enhance aesthetics, and support sustainable building design.  The building's windows are controlled manually and automatically. 


Automatic mode allows for presets, sensor and advanced algorithm control. Presets provide the times in the day when tint settings change to a designated value. Light and occupancy sensors automatically control the tint levels based on sensor detected events. Advanced solar heat gain algorithms are targeted at reducing the energy usage of a building. See below:  Building Energy Management Control System.


SCSC's Building Energy Management Control System allows building administrators to control and manage their buildings' automation systems with optimum energy efficiency.   Our initial building control system supports variable tint SPD Smart Glass.  Our system optimizes the energy saving qualities of Smart Glass.  



BEMCS Features

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