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Support for

TintMaker Automotive Aftermarket 8-Window Controller


Support for

          Revelation - SPD Demonstration Controller




General Support




  Telephone 631-220-9393

Skype: Text & Voice  

1.  Email support@spdControlSystems.com requesting Skype Chat or Telephone session.  Wait for a reply.


2.   Skype Address:  SCSC.support




When contacting SCSC support please provide the following information,

  • Your name, company, Email address and phone number.  If you have a Skype address please include it.

  • The serial number of the controller you are testing.  (The serial number is on the top of the unit.)

  • Describe your test setup: number of windows connected, approx. size of each window, switches and port connections, power source, test environment and anything else about your environment you may think may be useful.

  • Describe the problem. Is it repeatable?  Is there a direct cause of the problem?  Has the controller worked previously without this problem occurring? 













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