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Master Building Control System (MBCS)



The Master Building Control System (MBCS) is the primary control component of our Building Energy Management Control System (BEMCS) for controlling large numbers of SPD Smart Glass Windows.  Resolution connects to the Wireless Mesh Network that communicates to SPD Smart Glass window controllers.  The following diagram shows the relationship between controllers, wireless network and the Master Building Control Systems.


The MBCS is the “brains” of any intelligently controlled set of smart windows and it is offered to support multiple configurations: from small installations in residential homes to large scale high-rises.  A basic MBCS might only use the input from remote photocells along a common face of a structure to determine which windows should be set to what level of transparency on a continual basis. It incorporates date/time information, geographic location and the current position of the sun across the sky relative to the orientation of each window to determine the optimal tint setting for the time of the year.. 


The MBCS also maintains configuration information, collects statistical data, monitors operations, reports glass breakage messages that are sent from individual controllers, helps determine if portions of the wireless network aren’t communicating in a way that requires the placement of transceivers to get around dead spots, maintains and executes customized “glare” programs to address glare issues during specific dates and times, among many other functions.  The MBCS supports multiple operating consoles and report printers to support its operations.


MBCS Brochure




  • Automatic building window control based on a wide range of parameters and sensors to:

-    Maximize energy conservation

-    Daylighting (maximize natural light to minimize internal lighting)

-    Glare reduction

  • Autonomous intelligent window tinting control based upon solar conditions and façade modeling
  • Synchronized window tint changes (all windows change at the same time)
  • Automatic flicker prevention (avoids windows changing too frequently)
  • Control the ability to manually override automatic controls on a window by window basis
  • Control the extent of manual overrides:  min. and max. window tint
  • Update window controllers with new firmware and control parameters individually or at the same time.
  • MBCS operator can override automatic settings for specific sets of windows  
  • Animated graphic displays using each window as a pixel
  • Interfaces with third party Building Control Systems
  • Interfaces with security systems
  • Comprehensive windows and system diagnostics, maintenance services, and reports
  • Redundant servers (optional) for reliability and availability
  • User control of the MBCS can be done:

-    Locally

-    Via the Building LAN or

-    Via the Internet for remote monitoring



      Automatic building window control     Window tinting control based upon solar conditions and façade  modeling

   Synchronized window tint changes    All windows change at the same time

   Automatic flicker prevention             Avoids windows changing too frequently

   Override automatic controls              On a window-by-window basis

   Control manual overrides                  Set min. and max. window tint values

   Maintenance services                       Diagnostics, maintenance services, alerts, and reports. 

Alerts include:

·         Non-communication with controller

·         Window breakage alerts

·         Signal strength alerts

·         Low emergency back-up battery alerts

·         Low voltage alerts

   Status / Statistics Reporting             Displays and report status of the window by individual

windows, groups, floors, offices, etc.  Keeps history of status information for statistics reporting.



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