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The TintMaker/Architectural series of electronic controllers is designed to control SPD Smart Glass windows in residential, commercial buildings and other projects where there are a large number of SPD Smart Glass windows (e.g. atrium).  The controller is a component of our Building Energy Management Control System (BEMCS).


The TintMaker/Architectural controller can be used as a standalone controller for up to 32 windows or in a wireless network of controllers supporting hundreds or thousands of SPD Smart Glass windows operating autonomously in a coordinated fashion from a central control system.


The TintMaker/Architectural controller is a small footprint controller with integrated RF wireless networking that can be built into window frames, or mounted in an in-wall enclosure. The BEMCS consists of a wireless network, Falcon controllers, our Master Building Control System (MBCS).  The MBCS provides the means to control the window façade of an entire building for maximum energy efficiency without additional wiring.


The TintMaker/Architecturalcontroller, wireless network, and MBCS can be easily customized to satisfy special projects. 


TintMaker/Architectural Brochure

View our SPD Building Facade Simulation





  •  8 windows
  • 16 windows
  • 32 windows




  • Three enclosures: in-Window, in-wall or standalone enclosure

  • Automatic mode for seasonal time of day settings

  • Autonomous intelligent window tinting control based upon solar conditions

  • Timed parameters – synchronized changes

  • Full range of power options including battery-only operation

    • AC  -  120 VAC 60Hz and 220VAC 50Hz

    • DC  -  12, 24, and 48 vDC  

  • Customizable for a wide-range of special projects

  • Integrates with SCSC’s Master Building Control System (MBCS) via our wireless mesh network for centrally controlled automatic operation

  • Interfaces to remote dimmers, touch panels, preset light switches and other accessories

  • Interfaces to home and office automation systems

  • Sensors and alarms for glass breakage

  • PC compatible interface

  • Ethernet network support with TCP/IP

  • RS-232 support

  • Optional temperature and photo sensors

  • Optional battery backup for power failure operations









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