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Video Simulation of the Use of SPD-Glass in Commercial Office Buildings


Welcome to a “12-Hour SPD Day” video animation. The video you are about to see, simulates the daily operation of a high rise office building that is constructed from SPD-Glass. The SPD-Glass building in this video is in a city of fixed tinted windows. This building is equipped with the SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) Falcon Controllers and the SCSC Master Control Computer coordinating their activities wirelessly. The controllers are placed across the entire façade of the building. In the summer day shown in the video, solar energy is dynamically and dramatically reduced by keeping the windows darkened during that time of the day that the sun is hitting them. Because the system is software driven and each individual window is controllable, many different control sequences can be programmed into the system.


Before viewing the video, the following events should be noted. The windows are being changed throughout the day to reduce the Air Conditioning requirements on the sunny sides of the building shown.



Front windows start to darken.



During a flight around the building, notice 6 dark windows on the shady side of the building. These are dark to avoid glare from a building across the street. Further note that the windows in the shade are clear while those in the sun are dark.


11:30 - 12:00

The front windows become clear as the sun crosses the sky above the building.



Right side windows start to darken as the afternoon sun starts to hit the building.



Right side windows become clear



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The video file is 4 MBytes so it will take up to 45 seconds to load on a high speed internet connection.


Note:  The video requires the Apple QuickTime viewer.  It can be download free from




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