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Engineering Services


Engineering services are needed for a wide variety of requirements:

  • Integration of SCSC controllers with other vendors' networks and building control systems

  • Custom SPD window applications

  • Consulting for companies producing their own SPD controllers


Technical Training Services


While SCSC provides detailed documentation related to its products that will satisfy the installation, operation and maintenance needs of many installers and operators, it is anticipated that large scale installations will require advanced training.  Access to technical training will come in several forms such as interactive DVD and online training courses, or in-person training seminars.



Remote Monitoring Services


SCSC intends to provide remote monitoring services that operate SPD Control Systems from a central location. Teams of supervisors and technical support personnel will be responsible for these systems. This service will have its own dedicated management staff with experience in running customer service centers.


SCSC intends to offer monthly service contracts to building management for the purpose of operating their SPD Control System. The service will ensure that the systems are achieving the highest level of energy efficiency, react to alarms and alerts that might occur, configure the system to handle glare problems that are reported, and provide other functions.  Teams of supervisors and technical service personnel will be assigned to a specific set of MBCSs to be monitored.  SCSC will bring on new teams as necessary

The following figure shows a example configuration where there are two teams monitoring a set of buildings.  Team A is responsible for Buildings 1, 2 and 3 which Team B is monitoring Buildings 3 and 4.  This could be a startup configuration of 3 monitored buildings in the US and 2 in Japan.  Team A would be an English speaking center while team B would be a Japanese speaking center.





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