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The SPD Smart Glass Demonstration package, called Revelation, consists of two pieces of SPD Smart Glass in a frame and a Revelation control unit.  The demo unit operates both manually as well as in a demo mode where it will cycle through a pre-programmed sequence.

  • Housed in a small box

  • Driven by battery 

  • Power ON LED

  • Battery Low LED - the device will NOT drive the SPD glass if power is below a fixed amount to insure the highest performance of the demo.

  • Button to set the mode:

Manual mode - a DARK/CLEAR button allows for a linear change to the opaqueness of the SPD glass.


Demo mode - SPD glass cycles through a predefined set of demos with a slow ramp up, fast ramp up, blinking on and off, and a mix of other combinations.


Photocell mode - to demo how the glass can change depending upon the light hitting the photocell


Remote mode - where you can use an IR remote controller to turn the glass to different tinting.


Custom mode -this is reserved for a special demo or feature as requested by a customer.








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