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SPD Smart Glass Building Monitoring

System & Service


Resolve by SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) is our SPD Smart Glass Building Monitoring System & Service for remote monitoring of multiple Master Building Control System (MBCS) over the Internet.


The remote monitoring system is integrated into our MBCS.  Building maintenance personnel will have the same SPD -Smart Glass window control services over the Internet as are provided locally at the MBCS maintenance console.


SCSC also intends to form a wholly owned subsidiary that will monitor and operate SPD Control Systems from a central location. Teams of supervisors and technical support personnel will be responsible for operating hundreds of systems.   

SCSC will offer monthly service contracts to building owners for the purposes of operating their SPD Control System on their behalf.  The service insures that the systems are achieving the highest level of energy efficiency, react to alarms and alerts that might occur, configure the system to handle glare problems that are reported, deal with any reprogramming having to do with window replacement, etc.  Teams of supervisors and technical service personnel will be assigned to a specific set of MBCS’s to be monitored. Hundreds of buildings may be monitored per team.

The following figure shows a example configuration where there are two teams monitoring a set of buildings.  Team A is responsible for Buildings 1, 2 and 3 while Team B is monitoring Buildings 3 and 4.












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