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Recognition (DGS-2000) is a customizable test tool designed to automate the verification of the optical and electrical qualities of SPD film.  Each Recognition system is intended to be customized for each customer’s exact needs. 

The Recognition system can be used at various stages of SPD Smart Glass manufacturing,

  • Film Production

  • Film Lamination

  • Window Construction

Recognition by SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) is a customizable test tool for verifying the quality of SPD Smart Glass samples for transmittance and electrical characteristics.  The system is intended to be customized for each customer’s exact needs.  With our SPD expertise and our backgrounds in the development of software intensive systems and specialized hardware we are eminently qualified to provide a system to support your Quality Assurance of SPD production.



Standard Features

  • Automatic and manual testing

  • PC-based Automated Test System with SPD Controller

  • Tests multiple samples simultaneously

  • Tests are setup and monitored from the SCSC Test Program Console

  • Exercises full capabilities of SPD samples:

    • Drives Cyclic Burn-it Tests

    • Tests Light Transmittance range

  • Testing uses a known calibrated light source and sensor so that film functionality between various production runs can be empirically tested and documented.

  • Detects Open and Short Circuit conditions

  • SPD samples can be tested in installed conditions

  • Maintains a Log of all events during test

  • Measures Time-to-Clear (TTC), Time-to-Dark (TTD) Performance

  • Customizable Profile Reports for each SPD test sample

  • Historic reports per lot that provides traceability for the manufacturer

  • Upgradeable and expandable as needed for your future requirements

Please send us your SPD testing requirements and the number of systems you need. We will then provide you with a comprehensive proposal satisfying your requirements.










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