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OEM Controllers


SCSC provides controllers to specification to automotive manufacturers, called Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We refer to these customized controllers as OEM controllers since each OEM will require a unique controller for their automobiles and the controller must conform to automotive standards as well as the specific standards of each OEM. 


The basis for customizing an OEM controller is our TintMaker controller.  Our TintMaker Automotive After-Market Controller provides an unprecedented level of sophistication for driving Smart Glass windows and taking input from vehicles subsystems to control the tint level of the windows. The TintMaker is easily updated for a specific OEM.  And, the TintMaker, in its architecture configuration, already includes a sophisticated network interface (wireless ZigBee network) that can be replaced by a  standard automotive interface (LIN, CAN, ...).

Each OEM has their own requirements for controlling the windows including switch types, sensor types, and interface to auto onboard systems. The onboard systems communicate with our SPD controller to automate tinting based on information from the onboard systems. For example, if the car is turned on the windows would clear for 20 seconds and then revert to the last tint level when the car was turned off.

SCSC works with the auto company’s engineers to determine the requirements for the controller.  SCSC then designs, develops and test the controller to automotive standards.

SCSC has aligned with overseas sources for high volume manufacturing, testing and distribution of TintMaker.




















Custom Controllers for OEM's





Customization based on our TintMaker Controller



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