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  July 31, 2006

The Systems Behind the GlassTM                                 Volume 2, Number 3




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"The applications are as far as the mind can imagine, and then beyond .... creativity begins at the end of your comfort zone."

Bob Heins, SCSC Board of Advisors Architectural Advisor



“Imagine the day when a fifty story mid-rise will change its glass “skin” façade as the day progresses, taking into account the landlord’s operational requirements, tenant customization, the temperature outdoors, and the amount of sunlight hitting each window – Welcome to the world of windows controlled by SCSC”

 Jay Moskowitz, Founder


  "SCSC is a proud RFI licensee for SPD electronics.  Our mission is to be THE electronics' partners for our fellow Licensees."  

John Petraglia, CEO



“We have assembled a management team and engineering staff with vast systems experience to create a full product line that will allow SPD-Smart windows and other products to be
controlled in the smallest residential installation to the largest commercial environments, and in automotive, aerospace, rail and marine vehicles as well. Whether it is a private residence, a small office building, or a skyscraper with thousands of windows, SCSC will offer standardized electronic control systems to maintain energy efficiency and occupant comfort through automated or manual tinting control."

Jay Moskowitz, Founder


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Recent SCSC Activities


The SPD industry is progressing rapidly after the major film announcements by DIC and Hitachi.  The first markets are automotive and aerospace.  The marine and architectural markets are not far behind. 


Customers require one source for satisfying their SPD requirements. The suppliers must provide a guaranteed SPD film supply, glass, lamination, and electronics.  Customers are looking for total solutions, including the electronics.  SCSC is playing a key role in bringing together SPD licensees to satisfy customer requirements. We have been on the road over the last couple of months to Japan, Germany, Italy and Spain. We are visiting automotive customers and licensees with the intent of coordinating the supply chain and to present the benefits of working with SCSC as the SPD Electronics Center of Excellence.



SPD Building Facade Simulation


Welcome to a “12-Hour SPD Day” video animation.  The video you are about to see, simulates the daily operation of a high rise office building that is constructed from SPD-Glass. The SPD-Glass building in this video is in a city of fixed tinted windows. This building is equipped with the SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) Falcon Controllers and the SCSC Master Control Computer coordinating their activities wirelessly.


The controllers are placed across the entire façade of the building. In the summer day shown in the video, solar energy is dynamically and dramatically reduced by keeping the windows darkened during that time of the day that the sun is hitting them. Because the system is software driven and each individual window is controllable, many different control sequences can be programmed into the system.  >>

more and play simulation

SPD Demonstration Unit Shipping


SCSC is proud to announce that we are now shipping the first orders for SPD Film Demonstration Units. With the availability of Gen 2 film from DIC and Hitachi we were able to complete the unit with optimum electrical/optical characteristics for film from both companies.  We are now supporting our licensees, car makers, and glass makers by providing them demonstration units required by their on going projects.


We are accepting orders for the second production run of Demonstration Units.

more >>>

Demo Unit - Shipping First Orders

The demo unit has been created so that you can  put operational SPD material in the hands of the architects and other designers who are capable of integrating this material into their new designs. The demo setup  consists of two pieces of SPD-Glass/Film (not included) and a control unit that operates manually, via photocell, via remote control IR devices, or automatically - running through a series of lighting programs to display switching speeds and lighting control levels.


A summary of the specifications are,


·         Housed in a small box

·         Driven by battery 

·         Power ON LED

·         Battery Low LED - the device will NOT drive the SPD glass if power is below a fixed amount to insure the highest performance of the demo.

·         Button to set the mode:


Manual mode - a DARK/CLEAR button allows for a linear change to the opaqueness/transparency of the SPD glass.


Demo mode – up to 2 pieces of SPD glass cycle through a predefined set of demos with a slow ramp up, fast ramp up, blinking on and off, and a mix of other combinations. The beating of the settings on different pieces of material is an impressive display of the switching capabilities.


Photocell mode - to demonstrate how the glass can change depending upon light hitting a photocell


Remote mode - where you can use an IR remote controller directly to change the transparency of the glass.


Custom mode - this is reserved for a special demo or feature as requested by a customer.


The Revelation demonstration controller has a custom mode reserved in it for us to load specialized software requested by our customers. Although the standard product is perfect to give to an architectural firm so they can see SPD-film in operation and play around with it, the custom mode can be set up to support glass manufacturers in insuring that every piece of glass that leaves the factory has been unit tested. The custom mode can be programmed for other variations that the particular manufacturer wishes to test as part of their QA process.


Volume discounting of Revelation products is shown at the online price sheet for this product.


Revelation Technical Brochure


Revelation Pricing







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