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  May 9, 2007

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“Imagine the day when a fifty story mid-rise will change its glass “skin” façade as the day progresses, taking into account the landlord’s operational requirements, tenant customization, the temperature outdoors, and the amount of sunlight hitting each window – Welcome to the world of windows controlled by SCSC.”

 Jay Moskowitz Founder




"SCSC is a proud Research Frontier (RFI) licensee for SPD electronics.  Our mission is to be THE electronics' partner for our fellow licensees."  

John Petraglia




The Systems Behind the Glass

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     SCSC in 2007


     SCSC Receives RFI and Angel Investment Capital


     Patent Published


     SPD Smart Glass Test System


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           SCSC Wins 1st place of 50 National Winners

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SCSC in 2007


The SPD Smart Glass era has started. SPD film is out of the lab and into production.  There were major announcements in February about film production and SPD products (see News). We expect many more companies  to be announcing products with SPD Smart Glass in 2007. 


SCSC has been keeping pace with the emerging industry. We have been working closely with automotive and aerospace companies on their programs  to incorporate SPD into their products.  We have also been working with architects in anticipation of their use of SPD Smart Glass in commercial construction. 


SCSC has a world class engineering team for developing and manufacturing high volume quality controllers  for the automotive,  aerospace and architectural markets.  This International team includes experienced hardware / software engineers and one of the largest electronic component assembly houses in the world with facilities in over 22 countries and 50+ locations, any of which can be utilized as a manufacturing site for product delivery in regional markets.


SCSC has committed to developing controllers for any market in which Suspended Particle Devices will be utilized. Our core controller designs can be adapted for any industry.



SCSC Receives RFI and Angel Venture Capital


SPD Control Systems Corp (SCSC) has recently completed an initial round of financing to enable it to accelerate the pace of development of several types of SPD controllers.  The two sources of investment are Research Frontiers, Inc. (RFI), the SPD patent holder, and angel investors. 


RFI announced today in their

10-Q SEC filing (Item 5),


"On May 9, 2007, the Company began participating in the funding of the ongoing development of automotive controllers by SPD Control Systems Corp., a licensee of the Company. This development work is to produce the electronic controllers to operate SPD-Smart automotive windows and glass roof systems for one or more of the top five automotive makers in the world.  The Company's investment in this project is reflected in the form of a senior secured convertible promissory note (the "Note") of SPD Control Systems Corp. held by Research Frontiers' wholly-owned subsidiary, SPD Enterprises Inc. The Note bears interest at 10% per annum, is secured by all of the assets (including intellectual property) of SPD Control Systems, and is convertible at the option of SPD Enterprises into common stock of SPD Control Systems at an initial conversion price of $0.50 per share. This conversion price is adjustable downward to result in the issuance to SPD Enterprises of additional shares of SPD Control Systems common stock under certain conditions. The Note provides for an investment of up to $150,000 by SPD Enterprises based upon the achievement of certain development milestones by SPD Control Systems, including meeting the known specifications of at least one automobile manufacturer whose identity has been specifically identified to Research Frontiers Incorporated.''

The angel investors are close friends, family and colleagues; all accredited investors. 


SCSC has openly stated that its business plan calls for it to build controllers for 'all things SPD' and to become known as the SPD Center For Excellence. This not only entails controllers for any use of SPD - Automotive, Aerospace, Architectural, and beyond, but the coordinated operation of these controllers to form an operational system, the remote control units to manually operate office suites within larger complexes, to interfacing with other operational systems wherever SPD is deployed.


The company is in open dialogue with several Venture Capital firms for a larger round of financing to further expand and address the exponential growth that is about to occur as SPD finds its way into more and more projects. The funding will also permit the company to continue its R&D work which resulted in some of the features highlighted in its pending patent and to be issued in future patents.


SCSC Patent Published


SPD Control Systems Corporation's domestic and international patent application directed to multiple aspects of the electronic control of Suspended Particle Devices, was published on March 8, 2007 by the US Patent Office and on March 15, 2007 by the World Intellectual Property Organization as part of our International Patent Filings.



Our patent application is very broad in nature directed to everything from the manner of electronically operating SPD Smart Glass in various ways to multi-controller networks and non-traditional applications



              SCSC inventor and founder Jay Moskowitz


The patent covers the use of such controllers in the operation of SPD windows in cars, airplanes, trains, boats, and residential / commercial properties as well as other environments.  With this patent application, SCSC is further establishing itself as the leader and vendor of choice in the delivery of SPD controllers for every SPD market.


The "Written Opinion of the International Searching Authority" states


“… Therefore, claims 1 – 98 are considered novel … and to involve an inventive step … there is no reason to deny the applicability … claims 1 – 98 meet the requirements of PCT Article 33(4)." 


 > pending patent



SPD Smart Glass Test System


Recognition by SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) is a test tool for verifying the quality of SPD Smart Glass samples for transmittance and electrical characteristics. Recognition can be used at various stages of SPD Smart Glass manufacturing,

  • Film Production

  • Film Lamination

  • Window Construction

The Recognition system is easily customized to your exact needs. We are working on the final details of the product and would welcome comments from potential users of the test system.  >




Press Releases


October 18,2006 - SCSC Wins 1st place of 50 national winners of this year's Pitching Across America competition.  >



March 19, 2007 - Money Thing Happens on Way to Forum - Newsday (Long Island, NY) about SCSC.  > more

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