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October 2007
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RoadRunner Automotive Controller
SCSC Patent To Enter National Stages
Press Release: SCSC Patent Enhanced
Demo Units Available
SCSC Presentation at RFI Annual Meeting
FundingPost SCSC Article
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"Imagine the day when a fifty story mid-rise will change its glass "skin" façade as the day progresses, taking into account the landlord's operational requirements, tenant customization, the temperature outdoors, and the amount of sunlight hitting each window - Welcome to the world of windows controlled by SCSC."

Jay Moskowitz Founder

"SCSC is a proud Research Frontier (RFI) licensee for SPD electronics.  Our mission is to be THE electronics' partner for our fellow licensees."  

John Petraglia


 Changing the way you view windows©
RoadRunner Automotive Controller

SCSC is pleased to announce the availability of our Roadrunner Automotive Controller.  The SCSC Automotive Controller is a baseline controller that is easily customized for specific automotive manufacturers.

Roadrunner provides the following characteristics,
  • Small footprint circuit board controller
  • Interfaces to standard automotive control systems
  • Manual control via dimmers, touch panels, preset light switches and other accessories
  • Automatic control via photocell light sensor
  • Automatic mode for seasonal and time of day settings
  • Battery backup for power fail operations
  • Configurable setting for SPD state when vehicle is turned off
  • Support for solid state slide switches
  • Software-based extensible features
  • Customizable for a wide-range of projects

SCSC Patent Entering International Stage


To further the strength the company's international property rights, its pending patent is being converted into different languages as it is being filed in several country's Patent Offices. Filings in Japan and Germany are currently under way and other European countries are soon to follow. The filings in the local countries will be following the more comprehensive set of claims recently announced by the company (see next article). The country specific patent applications, in the native filing language, will appear on the company's web site as they are published.


Our pending electronics patent covers the control of SPD materials as well as arrays of SPD windows across a variety of applications.  The patent was filed in the US Patent Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).  A copy of the original international filing published under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) appears at the company's web site.  >



SPD Control Systems Corporation has designed controllers for the automotive, aerospace and architectural marketplaces. Aligned with the worlds largest robotic electronics assembly house with facilities on five continents and over 30 countries, the firm is moving forward with its plans to become the leader in the delivery of electronic control products for all SPD applications. The company is employing the intellectual property described in its patent applications in the design of its networked controller products and is also licensing second sources on its IP for industries that require alternate sources of products.

Press Release - SCSC Patent Enhanced
Stony Brook, New York - September 24, 2007 - Jay Moskowitz, Chairman and Founder of SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) announced today the further strengthening of the company's Intellectual Property position. On March 8, 2007 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, published a copy of the companies pending patent under the name "Intelligent SPD Control Apparatus with Scaleable Networking Capabilities For Window and Multimedia Applications". It was published on March 15, 2007 by the World Intellectual Property Organization as part of our international patent filings.
This comprehensive, feature-rich patent contains some 114 claims with regard to the operations and methods employed in the electronic control of SPD materials in the automotive, aerospace and architectural industries. Today, the company extended that patent by filing 158 additional claims (272 total claims) for additional control properties.  The updated document will be published by the USPTO and will be available at the SCSC web site when it is released.
SPD Control Systems Corporation is positioning itself as the leading vendor of control electronics specifically for the operation of any products that include Suspended Particle Devices. The company's management team has a long history of designing, building, and supporting very complex voice, data and wireless products on a worldwide basis. The company has aligned itself with high-quality, high volume manufacturing facilities in many countries, to meet the upcoming worldwide demand for SPD products.
"Our patent application is very broad in nature directed to everything from the manner of electronically operating SPD Smart Glass in various ways to multi-controller networks and non-traditional applications"



SCSC inventor and founder;  Jay Moskowitz

The patent (pending) covers the use of such controllers in the operation of SPD windows in cars, airplanes, trains, boats, and residential / commercial properties as well as other environments.  With this patent application, SCSC is further establishing itself as the leader and vendor of choice in the delivery of SPD controllers for every SPD market. 
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Demo Units Available
Demo Unit
SCSC has manufactured the second run of our Revelation SPD Demonstration Control Unit.  Refer to our web site for specifications. 
SCSC Presentation at RFI Annual Meeting
John Petraglia, CEO of SCSC, presented "SPD Electronics Overview" at the Research Frontiers Inc 2007 Annual Meeting.  You can read the paper online by selecting the following link.
FundingPost SCSC Article
As a result of SCSC Winning 1st place of 50 national winners of this year's Pitching Across America competition, a front page magazine article was published in the FundingPost Quarterly Venture Guide.  The feature article is titled, SPD Control Systems - Electronic Controlled Smart Glass.
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