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March 2009

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Control Systems for Optimum Energy Efficiency

Building Energy Management Control System

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The Systems Behind the Glass«  

Control Systems for Optimum Energy Efficiency 


SPD Control Systems Corporation provides building and automotive control systems that optimize energy efficiency. Our systems are flexible platforms easily customized to customer requirements for controlling building and automotive systems with energy efficiency as a primary goal. 


Our Building Energy Management Control System, using wireless technology, enables all of the windows in a residence or commercial building to have "building intelligence."  This will optimize energy utilization of buildings, improve occupant comfort and productivity, enhance aesthetics, and support sustainable building design.  The building's windows are controlled manually and automatically. 


Automatic mode allows for presets, sensor and advanced algorithm control. Presets provide the times in the day when tint settings change to a designated value. Light and occupancy sensors automatically control the tint levels based on sensor detected events. Advanced solar heat gain algorithms are targeted at reducing the energy usage of a building. See below:  Building Energy Management Control System.

Our RoadRunner Automotive Controllers provides an unprecedented level of sophistication for driving Smart Glass windows and taking input from vehicles subsystems to control the tint level of the windows. RoadRunner optimizes glass tinting to reduce heating and air-conditioning requirements, and thus fuel consumption and its carbon footprint.     See below:  Automotive Controllers.

Building Energy Management Control System


Our Building Energy Management Control System (BEMCS) allows building administrators to control and manage their buildings' automation systems with optimum energy efficiency.   Our initial building control system supports variable tint SPD Smart Glass.  Our system optimizes the energy saving qualities of Smart Glass.  



BEMCS features (reference the network diagram),

Core Functionality

The software intensive system provides a framework for easy customization to satisfy customer requirements.



The system supports small buildings to skyscrapers.  



The BEMCS supports control modules, sensors and switches.  The control devices may be intelligent or dumb.  Our intelligent controller provides local control of multiple sensors, controls and switches allowing immediate control.


Wireless and LAN-based Network

The system supports wireless and LAN-based network nodes. The wireless system is a ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4) redundant node mesh network.


Customization / Additional devices

Our BEMCS is designed to allow it to be customized to meet the exacting requirements of our customers and to easily configure additional switches, sensors, and controllers.


The system is accessed using a standard web browser allowing a wide range of devices to be used locally and remotely.  Devices include PC, Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, PDA's and any other device with a standard web browser.  The smaller screens of mobile phones and PDA's are accommodated.


Master Building Control System (MBCS)

This is the "brains" of the BEMCS providing advanced energy efficiency control algorithms, system configuration, system control and reports.  



Automatic modes and manual switch/sensor/network administrator overrides.


Automatic Energy Efficiency Algorithms 

Multiple automatic energy efficiency algorithms are provided and additional customer specific algorithms may be included.  Automatic mode allows for presets, sensor and advanced algorithm control.  Presets provide the times in the day when tint settings change to a designated value. Photo and occupancy sensors automatically control the tint levels based on sensor detected events.


Glare and Daylighting

Glare and daylighting are factors in our energy efficiency algorithms to maximize visual comfort and reduce energy use. 

Control Zones

Windows are grouped into Control Zones that are controlled as a unit using sensors, switches and automatic algorithms.  Control Zones include windows, rooms, floors, facades and tenant windows.

Graphic Displays

Graphic displays with multiple views including network, building, fašade, and tenant views.


Legacy Networks

Interfaces to legacy building networks are supported using gateways.


External Control

The system provides an XML interface to a central building control system to allow all SPD windows to be controlled externally. This allows all building systems (HVAC, lighting, fans, ...) to be coordinated. For example, if natural light is available from the windows then the rooms lights can be adjusted.



Automotive Controllers


Demo UnitThe SCSC RoadRunner Automotive Controller is initially targeted for the automotive industry and is designed to be adapted for avionic and marine environments for the control of SPD window glass or polycarbonate. This flexible, highly configurable, customizable, feature rich series of electronic controllers brings SPD windows to life. 


Energy Efficiency

The control of the glass tinting will reduce heating and air-conditioning requirements, and thus fuel consumption and its carbon footprint.  In manual mode, a driver may block solar heat gain from the windows during the day, while enjoying a clearer view of the road in the evening or when it is cloudy. When the car is parked the tint can be adjusted based upon geographic location and the time / date, so as to maintain the interior temperature at a level that will optimize energy efficiency.


The controller can easily integrate with other onboard control systems used in vehicles, aircraft, and boats to make tinting change decisions (example: when the automobile is turned off -- after 20 seconds the windows are set to maximum tint).


The RRC8, our 8-window automotive controller, is a very flexible firmware controlled device that is easily customized for new features and functions to suit any specific model automotive vehicle. It can also be adapted to utilize any type of control switch and sensor to change window tinting.

Family of Controllers

The RRC8 is part of a family of SPD Control products manufactured by SCSC. This unit was designed to be installed in a trunk, under a seat or under the hood with wires connected to the side and rear windows, sun roof and any other areas using SPD glass or polycarbonate. Other wires are connected to as many as 16 control switches and sensors and back to the RRC8.


The RRC8 is the foundation of our automotive, aerospace, marine and architectural controllers. The RRC1 controller (our 1-window auto controller) is designed to be co-located with one Smart Glass window and is networked across the vehicle via a LIN, CAN or other busses.  The RRC1 hardware and firmware is based on the RRC8. Also based on our RRC8 is our wireless architectural controller that is designed to operate across residential and commercial buildings of any size.

RRC8 Evacuation Unit

Over 30 RRC8 units were sent to key customers for evaluation and for use in pilot projects.  We received excellent feedback that we are using to enhance the RRC8 and our next controller developments. An updated unit is expected to be available in 2 months.



Control4 Partnership 


SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) and Control4 are collaborating to have Control4« Wireless Switches, Control4« Wireless Dimmers, and it family of touch screens integrated into SCSC's Architectural controller product line. In addition, a specialized interface will be established between Control4« Home Controller line and SCSC controllers to enable Control4 Home Automation products to control Smart-Glass windows.
Control4 is the platform for today's digital home and hotels.  The company makes everyday life easier by providing one-touch control of both new and existing electronic systems. By allowing leading consumer electronics products and systems to easily work together, Control4 provides effortless entertainment, comfort, convenience and peace of mind to owners everywhere. Control4's affordable and easy-to-use software and hardware products enable home theater and television control, multi-room music, smart lighting, temperature control, security integration and soon - automated window tint control, through a range of on-site and over-the-web remote control technology. The company delivers both wired and wireless solutions that can be installed in existing properties as well as new construction.  
The SCSC Wireless Building Control System (WBCS) will allow for the installation of Control4 wireless 2-button, 3-button and 6-button wall switches to be placed throughout a home or commercial property, to manually control the tinting of any windows designated. When not under manual control, the WBCS uses sophisticated algorithms to control solar heat gain in a structure throughout the year in order to minimize energy consumption.

Control4's web site is