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July 2009


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The Systems Behind the GlassŪ  

SCSC Presentation at the RFI Annual Shareholder Meeting - June 2009


John Petraglia of SCSC presented, "Advanced Control Systems - Smart Building Window Management Systems" at the June 2009 Research Frontier's Inc. (RFI) annual meeting. John's presentation was a continuation of Greg Sottile's (RFI Director of Market Development) presentation in which Greg discussed the advantages of SPD SmartGlass for daylight harvesting (the use of natural light in lieu of artificial light), energy efficiency, occupant comfort, glare control, aesthetics, privacy, and security.  John's presentation discussed how SCSC's Smart Building Window Management System is designed to provide all of the functionality that Greg discussed.


John discussed why a Smart Management System is needed for larger buildings for determining the optimum balance between energy efficiency and occupant comfort. He then presented the characteristics, features and functions of SCSC's Smart Building System.  John concluded by introducing our contract with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to build and demonstrate a prototype of our Smart Building System.

View the presentation on the SPD Control Systems Corporation web site:

Daylight Harvesting



Cadillac with SCSC Controller


In the parking lot at the RFI 2009 Shareholder Annual Meeting was a Cadillac CTS with two curved SPD glass sunroofs and four SPD strips across the top of the windshield operating as an SPD sun visor.  All of theCadillac's SPD functions were powered by the SCSC Auto Controller in the trunk.    See pictures at

Cadillac Pictures.



SPD Window Testing - Outstanding Results


Joe Harary (RFI CEO & President) announced, at the RFI Annual Shareholder Meeting, the results of independent testing regarding the energy efficiency of SPD-Smart windows.  The test results indicate that SPD-Smart windows have extraordinary solar heat rejection and control capabilities. The tests were conducted by DSET Laboratories, a division of Atlas Material Testing Technology, in accordance with ASTM and ASHRAE testing (window industry standards and calculation protocols).  


From RFI Press Release
"The energy efficiency of window products is of great importance in today's world," commented Joseph M. Harary, President and CEO of Research Frontiers. "SPD-Smart products instantly give users the ability to control the amount of light, glare and heat entering a home, building, aircraft, boat or automobile. When compared to published data about the energy efficiency and other performance characteristics of all other types of windows offered for the architectural market - including other smart window technologies - we find none comparable to SPD-Smart windows."
The United States Department of Energy estimates that tintable smart windows can save building operators up to 40% on their energy bills, reduce the size of HVAC systems by as much as 25%, and reduce building operating costs by up to 20%. To maximize these dramatic savings, a smart window must be able to both reject and variably control the transmission of solar heat as well as visible light.
The testing of one type of SPD-Smart window indicates broad range in the amount of solar energy that can be instantly regulated. This type of window can reject 87% of the sun's heat or allow 57% of it to be transmitted. The range of heat control is the largest known of any window ever offered. Such performance can reduce cooling and heating costs particularly in northern climates by rejecting heat in the summer and transmitting heat in the winter. This window also has a very wide range of visible light transmission with a contrast ratio (the ratio of the darkest to the lightest states of the variable tint) exceeding 100:1.



Key Relationships for the SPD Industry


SCSC has been building relationships with government, government related organizations, and universities that are established leaders in advancing energy efficiency through a focus on dynamic windows, daylighting, and other related technologies.  In the last month, with the RFI announcement of the exceptional SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) results, the interest of these organizations has dramatically increased.  We now have a number of opportunities in discussion that will accelerate recognition of SPD as the superior dynamic window technology. 

The organizations we are dealing with include: 
                 Dept. of Energy                                                                      

  LBL                  Lawrence Berkeley Lab                                                          

  FSEC               Florida Solar Energy Center                                        

  ORNL              Oak Ridge National Lab

  TVA                  Tennessee Valley Authority                                                    

  CEC                  California Energy Commission                                               

  NREL                National Renewable Energy Lab                                 

  CASE               Center for Architecture Science and Ecology             

  RPI                    Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  CEWIT             Stony Brook University Center for Excellence in Wireless Tech.
  CFES               Rensselaer Polytechnic Center for Future Energy Systems

  NYSERDA      New York State Energy Research and Development Authority 


In order to effectively pursue the opportunities presented by the above organization an SPD industry team consisting of SCSC, RFI and RFI licensee needs to be formed.  We are in the process of working with RFI to form this team and start pursuing these opportunities.



Introducing "TintMaker"


Due to a trademark action by Warner Brothers we can no longer use the name "RoadRunner ".  As a result we have renamed our entire product line.  The products are now called TintMaker.  Individual products are named as follows;


TintMaker Dynamic Glass Controllers 

        DGC-101                        Previously "RoadRunner"
        DGC-102                        Updated Auto After-Market Controller (expanded services)

        DGC-301                        Architectural Controller - 8 Windows
        DGC-901                        2-Window Demo Controller
TintMaker Dynamic Window Systems
        DWS-1001                      Energy Management Control System 

        DWS-2001                      SPD Quality Control Test and Measurement System


RFI News of  Interest


The following Press Releases can be found on the RFI web site (www.smartglass.com) in the What's New section of the home page. 

Joseph M. Harary Interviewed by Wall Street Reporter


SPD Light-Control Business Becomes Part of Hitachi Chemical's Urgent Sales Growth


Research Frontiers Licensee SmartGlass International and SCHOTT Expand SPD-SmartGlass Business Internationally