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August 2008



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"Imagine the day when a fifty story mid-rise will change its glass "skin" façade as the day progresses, taking into account the landlord's operational requirements, tenant customization, the temperature outdoors, and the amount of sunlight hitting each window - Welcome to the world of windows controlled by SCSC."

Jay Moskowitz Founder







"SCSC is a proud Research Frontier (RFI) licensee for SPD electronics.  Our mission is to be THE electronics' partner for our fellow licensees."  

John Petraglia





 Changing the way you view windows©

SCSC Auto Controller Available

SCSC is proud to announce the availability of our RoadRunner 8-Window Automotive Controller (RRC8) 

RoadRunner Controller

The SCSC RoadRunner Automotive Controller is initially targeted for the automotive industry and is designed to be adapted for avionic and marine environments for the control of SPD window glass or polycarbonate. This flexible, highly configurable, customizable, feature rich series of electronic controllers brings SPD windows to life.  
The controller can easily integrate with other onboard control systems used in vehicles, aircraft, and boats to make tinting change decisions (example: when the automobile is turned off -- after 20 seconds the windows are set to maximum tint).
The RRC8 is a very flexible firmware controlled device that is easily customized for new features and functions to suit any specific model automotive vehicle. It can also be easily adapted to utilize any type of control switch and sensor to change window tinting.
The RRC8 is part of a family of SPD Control products manufactured by SCSC. This unit was designed to be installed in a trunk, under a seat or under the hood with wires connected to the side and rear windows, sun roof and any other areas using SPD glass or polycarbonate. Other wires are connected to as many as 16 control switches and sensors and back to the RRC8.
The RRC8 is the foundation of our automotive, aerospace, marine and architectural controllers. The RRC1 controller (our 1-window auto controller) is designed to be co-located with one Smart Glass window and is networked across the vehicle via a LIN, CAN or other busses.
The RRC1 hardware and firmware is based on the RRC8. Also based on our RRC8 is our wireless architectural controller, that is designed to operate across residential and commercial buildings of any size.

The RoadRunner product information, brochure and a video of the demonstration are on our web site at RoadRunner Information.


NYSERDA Contract

SPD Wireless Building Control System

SPD Control System Corporation (SCSC) won a New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) contract to develop a prototype of our SPD Wireless Building Control System (WBCS). The WBCS is a sophisticated system for dynamically controlling the windows in a wide range of buildings:  residential to skyscrapers. 

The WBCS system components include SPD wireless window controllers, wireless handheld remote units,  SPD Master Building Control System, window switches, photo sensors, occupancy sensors and a ZigBee wireless communication network. 
The system controls a building's windows manually and automatically.  Automatic mode allows for presets, sensor and advanced algorithm control.  Presets provide the times in the day when tint settings change to a designated value. Photo and occupancy sensors automatically control the tint levels based on sensor detected events. Advanced solar heat gain algorithms are targeted at reducing the energy usage of a building.

The WBCS provides an interface to a central building control system to allow all SPD windows to be controlled externally to the WBCS. This allows all building systems (HVAC, lighting, fans, ...) to be coordinated. For example, if light is available from the windows then the WBCS can inform the lighting control system that the room lights can be dimmed or turned off.   
We are looking forward to winning a follow-on contract from NYSERDA to commercialize this prototype system. 
Information about the WBCS can be found at:

Resolution - Master Building Control System