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August 2010


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SCSC Patent Granted






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SCSC Patent Granted


August 11, 2010.  SPD Control Systems Corporation (SCSC) is pleased to announce that the U.S. Patent Office has granted SCSC a comprehensive electronics patent for controllers that operate SPD dynamic tinting windows for a wide range of markets including automotive, architecture (residential and commercial buildings), aerospace and marine. 


The patent covers how SPD controllers integrate with all types of systems to realize the energy savings achievable through the superior dynamic solar heat gain control of SPD windows. From the smallest SPD product to the largest skyscraper our patent describes how SPD windows are managed and coordinated for optimum performance.  SCSC's architectural / automotive controllers and sophisticated control systems are real world implementations of the inventions described in the patent. The patent also describes how SPD can be used in multi-media displays across the fašade of a building and on small display screens.  SCSC has submitted two additional patents with numerous application independent capabilities that can be realized with SPD windows using an intelligent controller.  Our patent applications have been filed with the U.S., European and Japanese Patent Offices.  


John Petraglia, the SCSC CEO, states, "With the approval of our first patent the success of SCSC is unlimited.   We are now in an advantageous position to raise expansion capital, partner with industry leaders, and license the use of our Intellectual Property.  Intelligent SPD automotive and building systems operating in coordination or integrated with other systems will require either an SCSC license or the use our control systems.  As a result of this patent approval we are now evaluating new opportunities to rapidly grow the company."


The SCSC Founder, Jay Moskowitz, commented, "This is a milestone for SCSC and it strongly moves us forward in our original plans to create an array of sophisticated electronic control products and energy management systems.  Our systems will have a significant impact in achieving energy efficiency goals targeted not only by the US Department of Energy but through similar governmental agencies throughout the world."


The SCSC patent allows SPD windows to operate as infinitely variable tinted windows that can span all the windows in a home or be used across the fašade of a skyscraper. Our patent describes the many ways of operating SPD windows that go well beyond the Research Frontiers Inc. (RFI) basic patents.  Our patent inventions describe how a coordinated array of SPD windows would operate intelligently to reduce energy consumption. The patent describes how a single push button or dimmer switch can control a single SPD window or a bank of SPD windows and reconfigured them instantly as requirements dictate.  It also describes how a photo-sensor connected to an SPD controller on one side of a building can cause SPD windows connected to controllers in other building locations to be changed.


Note:   The current U.S. Patent Office status is "Allowed" and is considered officially granted as soon as the patent office publishes the final version. This should be completed in the next few weeks.